Thursday, 17 January 2013

Morning talk!

The first month of blogging passed away! Writing in english after 15 years is the real challenge ! Judgeing by the analitycs it´s a good attendance on a blog even though I don´t have one follower yet except my facebook fans.I don´t have  much time to follow other blogs and draw attention to myself because I´m mostly alone with kid since my husband is away on a bussines trip.He really travels and works a lot!
Cooking at least two meals a day, driveing child to kindergarten, gymastics, social life, paying bills, purchasing groceries , my hobbies, family meetings etc, that all take a large part of my day! I´m definately not type of person who dresses in fine clothes and sit  in a caffe bar every day drinking coffee.On the other hand I like to be a good mum, wife and housewife and keep our nest tidy! My spirit is restless , I love when something is constantly happening that´s why try to meditate and bring myself into balance!
I´m a huge fan of alternative medicine, and all things related to healthy living! I try to do my ashtanga yoga and I would definately recommendit to everyone!This was my first photosession with Jadra & Laura and I completely forgot about it ,so take a look....
 It´s enough writeing for today I wandered a bit! I feel happy, I feel good and I have to go :-))))) I wish you all nice and pleasant day!

Wearing: Vintage shirt, Chanel bag, casio Watch, Lei Lou Belt, YSl arty ring

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Anonymous said...

Čizme- ZAKON!!!

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