Monday, 14 January 2013

La.Ga & Jorge Moita

I recently visited the Arterija gallery in Split, where the exhibition is held ˝ To love is not an option ˝ by portuguese artist Jorge Moita. As soon as I saw the unusual 'paper' bag I knew it wasn´t just a piece of fashion accessories draped over an  arm! La Ga is a  real statement bag! It´s a bag with a soul!La.Ga was the first product designed by  the KK collective and they involved ordinary people into the story.The first step in the world of fashion and design is a blend of art explored in graphic processing and production of bags. Individual bag is the result of single guest designer, in limited editions of 199 pieces. Shaped like a large tears, the bag is made ​​of a compound crank Dupont Tyvek material.Thinner than one millimeter, and the heavier less than 40 grams, La.Ga bag is able to hold the weight of up to 55kg and also  you can wash it in a  washing machine!She talks about the duality common in everyday life as well as lightness and strength, stiffness and softness. It is intended to be an "extension" of users, it naturally becomes a dynamic and witnessed gradual changes of time, form and texture. Certain of them  were produced in potuguese  female prisones by  the women who were sentenced for drug trafficking. All of this gives her the importance and indicates that La.Ga  has a special dynamism and quality!My favorite La.Ga is the smallest one with skull print as you can see in a picture! Jewelry is made by Gorana Gulišija, and clothes by Maks studio! 

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