Monday, 28 January 2013

Knitted for family walk

The weather is gray and cold....I really want to wear something casual and comfortable with a very subtle sophisticated touch.I adore this oversized knitted coat and I can´t imagine winter without it! Knitted items are real treat. They are so inspiring and remind me of how important this skill is and how talented people who learned this timeless tradition pass on their skills to the next generation! This is a vintage dress I got in second hand  shop-  home to secret treasures! I match all that with cowboy boots, zara necklace and old navy blue leather bag. Beanie hat ,knitted gloves, sunnies and I  was ready to take a walk with my husband and my son after a long time. I apprecciate the time when we are together, just the three of us, since my husband is often away from home.And to reduce stess in our little family we are trying to show our love, create routine, prioritize family time , don´t feel guilty , lean on others, set limits and stay positive! We are doing our best!
Hope you are too!

With love



Anonymous said...

Like za outfit i za pjesmu!:)

Mu Cephei said...

Tnx Anita!

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