Thursday, 5 September 2013

Captain Kidd

The summer madness is nearly end...
I want to taste the thick of fall in my mouth, in pies,hot chestnuts and sweet briar juice! I want confusion over whether, to wear or not to wear a jacket! I miss rain, boots, and mud! I become little tired of summer but anyway I want to share a few more summer outfits with you! Actuallyfeel really good since I turned 33 last week! Actually 18, with 15 years of experience!
I only lost the will to posting lately since I was away from home for two months! Otherwise, this skirt with ruffles combined with off shoulder vintage top and scarf gives me a feeling like I had dropped from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie! It would be much more interesting with a sword, a bottle of rum and suductive Johnny Depp beside me, but still I like to wander off into my  fantasy world from time to time! On my boat everything is allowed!
For the first time in my life I´m looking forward to my new school classes,colleagues, new friends and of course knowledge about the history of fashion, materials, cutting, drawing, tailoring and hope to graduate as a fashion stylist and designer this year! Wish me luck! 
With love , 

 photos by: Me and Barbara K.

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