Monday, 16 September 2013

Off topic

 It's been four years since I gave birth to my first child and he is the highest priority in our life, especially since he's in vitro baby we´ve got after eight years of living together. I love spending time watching my son grow up, I like to play with him and just observe the world through the eyes of a child!What I love most is that I'm comfortable dressed for running around.Just like today! Loafers, t-shirt, and blazer together with messenger bag leave my hands free for handling a little beast! Four year olds often ask lots of questions about the world
and why it is the way it is, so I need a lot of energy to end up my day with smile! But sometimes I need  a broom so I can transformed into a real witch from the nightmares!
In any case, motherhood is truly beautiful and hard work! I didn´t thought this post will be about motherhhod at all but
I feel inspired to write...
What I learned is:
 Don’t exchange what you know in your heart for what you think others will find cool.
Know who your real friends are.
Children are the best mirrors.
Your life is so long ahead of you, all of this daily drama is small in the big picture.
You can be as many different things as you want to be, and you can always change.
 It’s OK to be different
 It’s OK to struggle.
It’s OK to be embarrassed once in a while.
 It´s Ok to look like shit in a morning
 Sometimes crying is the best response.
 Ice cream can make almost anyone feel better.
 Whatever you give eventually comes back to you.
 Respect and love your  husbands and wifes! 
Enough for today, need to go!
With love 


 photos by: Barbara Kurtović


Anonymous said...

Famozam mi je zubonja!!!

Anonymous said...

divno <3

Mu Cephei said...

Hvala vam!

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