Saturday, 27 April 2013

Zen Garden

My dear readers, 
visit to the Arboretum in Trsteno was an unforgettable experience ! It is a highly recommended Dubrovnik excursion, especially for people who enjoy the green lush nature and beautiful sea-views. The cool shade of the park is the perfect refreshment in those hot summer days while the fresh air is a balm that sooths all the senses. The Arboretum is perfect for walks, running around playing catch, sun bathing, reading books, enjoying the calm, and simple sightseeing. The Neptune fountain with the ancient aqueducts is a magnificent work of art. The old mill gives insight in the way how the old mills operated and the summer residence usually holds a photography display.Me and my  best friend from Dubrovnik spent the whole morning walking around inhaleing scents of various exotic plants and listening to the birds singing.Amazing !!! I had a two pairs of shoes, loafers for walking  and heels for shooting so I changed every 5 minutes! Yes it bothered me a little but we took a great pics! Take a look!

Photos by: Loneta Babić

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