Sunday, 28 April 2013

Women in menswear - Esther Quek

A fearless lady in the fashion world, Esther Quek is a distinguished fashion director and stylist at menswear magazine The Rake , renowned for her effortless take on glamour and menswear. You may be wondering how this woman became such an authority on something like men's style, but once you've seen her, all doubts can be laid to rest. The pixie-haired Singaporean street style icon is revered by both women and men alike for a personal style that is often described as androgynous! She loves mixing classic menswear elements in her outfits and does it all with colorful finesse and that´d why she is dressed better than half of you dudes out there.What lady in your life can effortlessly pull off sport coats, spread-collars, ties and colorful pocket squares, sometimes all at once? Probably none, unless you know Ms. Quek personally!  And no, yourpersonal fan fiction doesn't count. Thus the reason I¨m completely smitten by her!

 photos:Honestly WTF

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