Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cloudy with a chance of ....

While we'd like nothing more than to stay in bed on miserably cloudy mornings (like these, in fact!), we've got to get up, get dressed, and get on our way :-) 
We’ve been victims of some serious gloomy weather here lately (WTF!!!), which has me daydreaming about my favorite cloudy weather outerwear: dress and parka! Parka is my absolute favorite thing about fall and it perfectly match with this vintage navy dress. I got it last year and I really love this ruffle detail and the red color highlight. If you treat cowboy boots  just like any other pair of boots (which is, after all, what they are), you're limited only by your imagination. I simple adore to combine them with everything lately!
 As our is son recently obsessed with the sea, ships, pirates, cannons, this morning I decided to walk to the Maritime Museum  is Split where we took these photos.The hardest thing of all is to find a place for shooting
especially because I can only do it the morning when my schedule is already overcrowded.
This week I started with second month of Insanity workout and I feel exhausted but happy and satisfied with the results. We spend a lot of time outdoors,and I started to hang out with my camera more and  made some very good photos :-))) After all February slowly ending, spring is at the door !Can´t wait! So guys, wake up!

With love



photos by : Eli

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Anonymous said...

Pregledavam neke stare postove u potrazi za inspiracijom, ovaj mi je super, a parka je predivna!

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