Saturday, 23 February 2013

Evening gatherings

Food is fundamental to life, we all know that. Yet, our eating habits have become incredibly complex, involving many aspects of daily life far beyond addressing simple nutritional needs.In our house we always appreciated a good foodFrom my mother I inherited a love for food, and with my husband I have learned how to cook.
What do we expect when a woman cooks compared to when a man is cooking? Men use many techniques and have bold, creative dishes. Women make homey, nurturing, and soulful. At least it is so with us!
Last night we had dinner with friends.Igor has been in charge of the appetizer and main course, and dessert- for me.Appetizers at our house are usually cold, and in many cases raw.So last night we had smoked and fresh tuna carpaccio,and later grilled sea shark meat on sticks rolled in bacon , and rice with almonds and pine nuts.He also made a sauce of mascarpone cheese and dijon mustard with herbs. It perfectly matches with fish. Just like small red peppers stuffed with cheese.For dessert I made ginger biscuits with nuts, lime curd, raspberries, and mascarpone cream with vanilla taste and grated 75% dark chocolate. I love the evening gatherings around the table with a glass of good wine, good music,and  good vibe.The table and food together create cherished memories, and it is my pleasure to cook for the people we love! I wish you all plasant weekend and share at least one meal with your dear ones!

With love



 photos by : Me


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Eto me!

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Be my guest!

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