Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Chill time is back!

It was  really freezing last couple of days! I took these photos without my jacket because I love this print shirt. This weekend we have been to the mountains and I wore this furry headpiece that my husband bought me in Russia few years ago.I simply adore it ,so I decided to wear it with this combination. This amazing lace dress is at least 15 years old and I even try to give her away but nobody wanted her! Now, I´m glad! I´m a huge fan of bags, even the birds know that, and  I got this beautiful  snakeskin Alexander Mcqueen´s clutch from a greek shipyard owner as a present and thanks for cooperation! What a wonderful gift! I never wear it because it´s just too small for my needs! Sitting on a truck tire didn´t make any marks on my clothes and I was pretty happy about it! Last days I do my  insanity workout and yoga intensively and I feel good and powerful! I have a lot things to do but with good organization I even made to  lie on the beach in the middle of the week!
This blogging is not bad at all!
I don´t  have any inspiration to write so I'll greet you with a bit of good music and some pics!

With love,


Photos by: Stojana

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