Monday, 6 May 2013

Mix and match

As soon as I saw this explosive and mind blowing print on this coat  I made a decision - He´s mine! Although green and yellow are not my colors, in this case- I don´t mind ! It reminds me on my grandma´s dresses that she wore around the house! It´s exactly what I’d imagine wearing 24/7 in my paradisal utopia!
Boyfriend jeans, sneakers ( again ! ), one shoulder bag and I was ready for a day off with my friends and children! We visited  the The Klis Fortress - a medieval fortress situated above a village bearing the same name near the city of Split  in central Dalmatia, Croatia! Fortress who has guarded the frontier, being lost and re-conquered several times throughout its more than two thousand year-long history. Due to its location on a pass that separates two  mountains the fortress served as a major source of defense in Dalmatia, especially against the Ottoman empire, and has been a key crossroad between the Mediterranean belt and the Balkan rear. We took the opportunity and made ​​a couple of pictures when we managed to move away from children who exactly wanted to stand in front of the camera :-))))
 It was a nice and pleasant walk with  the historical moments! We picked some herbs , mainly spices , and went home happy and tired ! My vacation is slowly approaching and I´m more than overwhelmed by the work!
I hope that you are planning yours too! 
Until the next post ,

photos by: Eli


Anonymous said...

Gdje si pronasla ovu torbu? Odlicna kombinacija :)

Mu Cephei said...

Hvala puno! Torba je Mary Boo Bag, imas na Facebook, ali je samo clutch! Ja sam od moje druge torbe stavila rucku i ovaj rep!

Tajna Lokacija said...

Odličan mi je ovaj outfit!! Ono baš baš! Odkud je mantil? Prekrasan je!

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