Friday, 3 May 2013

Polka dot feat. Nike

The sneakers trend ain't goin' anywhere, and if you're anything like myself you've probably already bought some street-kicks of your own, in some way or other! Or are at least considering it, right?
Comfortable, practical, with a too-cool-for-school vibe they became a big part of my spring outfits!
If  someone told me  that I would wear them with a white socks and skirt, I wouldn´t belive it! So I realize once again- Never say never!
I  love having the ability to add a retro 1950's feel with this polka dot high-low skirt ! It has such a girly vibe on some chic way! To me, style is all about how you feel and what mood you are in! What is most important to me is that the photos tell a story -- that they express a sense of vitality and spirit!
Style means something different to each person who gets up in the morning and decides how they are going to look. While some may consider it a means of celebrating the self, a fight against invisibility, or an act of creative expression, others may simply get dressed without putting much thought into it. It ´s a reflection and example of the care, passion, and energy that they invest and express in their daily lives.
I had a great time during this shooting, since my friend never photographed before! She did her best , don´t you think?!

photos: Barbara Kurtović

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