Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Atomic Attic

People’s ability to imagine and create just blows me away! The possibilities that some people see in the most ordinary things are just amazing!
Attomic Attic are Miles and Aimee! They have a small army of kids and cats! They are selling cribs and ingenious homes for cats that are made from old suitcases, televisions, monitors and stacks of pieces for which a large majority thinks that they belong in the trash.They're very passionate about upcycling everyday items. Turning something old and used into something modern and new again is their specialty. I´m not a cat person, really, but I just think these beds are the most original and cleverest things I’ve seen in a long time! Oh, and for you cat-lover geeks out there, Atomic Attic also makes upcycled Apple computer pet beds , so go check out their store on Etsy.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Knitted for family walk

The weather is gray and cold....I really want to wear something casual and comfortable with a very subtle sophisticated touch.I adore this oversized knitted coat and I can´t imagine winter without it! Knitted items are real treat. They are so inspiring and remind me of how important this skill is and how talented people who learned this timeless tradition pass on their skills to the next generation! This is a vintage dress I got in second hand  shop-  home to secret treasures! I match all that with cowboy boots, zara necklace and old navy blue leather bag. Beanie hat ,knitted gloves, sunnies and I  was ready to take a walk with my husband and my son after a long time. I apprecciate the time when we are together, just the three of us, since my husband is often away from home.And to reduce stess in our little family we are trying to show our love, create routine, prioritize family time , don´t feel guilty , lean on others, set limits and stay positive! We are doing our best!
Hope you are too!

With love


Saturday, 26 January 2013

I wish....

Today I found some old photos I made before Viktor was born! In that time I was like a gun, shooting everything around me! Now I´m focused on other things and I realize how much I miss the time  behind the camera ,or better to say, to be alone with camera with plenty of time! This is my way how to create memories, how to feel things, people and nature around me....Hope in future I will dedicate more time for this wonderfull hobby!


Friday, 25 January 2013

Old treasures

This week has been so crazy busy! I was dressed in the worst working clothes because I had so many things to be done in my house! I try to finish my gym in a garage so I can start with workouts while the child sleeps.
We had enough of rainy days so I stayed at home reading books, decorating my enviroment ( I have a need to change, and move things in my house very often :-))))  while listening to the rain pouring down outside is actually pretty awesome!
This morning I decided to meet my school friend and make a little excape from everyday life! I throw on my russian hat which I don´t have an opportunity to wear because it is  very warm winter this year! I feel pretty good when I wear something on my head :-))) Leather pants, lace dress,gloves, silk scarf around my neck, some vintage sunglasses and Hermes bag, definately made me feel good especially since I haven´t cooked lunch today ( my mother in law did !) I love this kind of mornings sometimes!
Right now I’m doing my best to enjoy every glimpse of sun  I can, before the darkness hits again!
Love the mood of this pictures , do you?

photos by: Stojana

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mary Katrantzou Spring 2013

Mary Katrantzou is an 30 year old greek fashion designer who currently lives and works in London.
Her thematic collections revolve around an icon of luxury, an object from art or design that a woman would not be able to wear if it were real. Mary has based the collections on perfume bottles, artisan blown glass, eighteenth century society paintings, and interiors while keeping the printed image central to her aesthetic. Her collections are complemented by a capsule jewellery line with the same play of illusion and effect, highlighting her other talent, that of a jewellery designer.She can make a ravishing print out of almost anything, and she has applied those prints to some extraordinary silhouettes, but form and content blended so effortlessly today that this felt like the point she'd been aspiring to since she started.
 I love this Spring 2013 collection, and definitely wouldn´t complain if I have one piece in my closet !

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