Friday, 31 May 2013

Mixed white

The color white has always been recognized as a pure color reflecting a calm and neutral ambiance. While also providing a light atmosphere , the color white has also recently magnified the runway and fashion designers worldwide .Some might say that white is a risky colour to undertake; it is easy to ruin and completely visible to the eye, but what is life without risks? What is fashion without risks? You only live life once so I say take that risk and put on that amazing white lace dress, it will totally be worth it when all eyes will be on you. White is known to be an excellent neutral pallet because it absolutely suits every pair of shoes, handbag, or accessory that you can think of and  I think it gives a certain credibility and authority to the person who pulls it off! Wearing white top to toe and you will definitely  go undetected !
Have a look at the hottest white looks straight from the runway to get some inspiration to embrace the white trend!

 photos by:tumblr,, honestly wtf,

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Once upon a time....

Welcome to the technical specification

Object of photography : Me
Photographer: My husband
Place of photo shoot: Small village Vrlika -  1 hour driveing from Split ( Croatia )
Project timing : aprox.10 minutes
Weather conditions: Rain,with a chance of ??? ( You can´t see on a photos, and I´m wearing shades :-)
Temperature: 8 C  ( Wearing sandals , Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!! )
Make up : Minimum- and I forgot my red MAC lipstic, I have a red  flower in my mouth instead! ) We call it   MAK on Croatian language! It´s similar to MAC :-))))
DIY by Me: Olympia Le Tan inspired  book clutch and old  headpiece
Dress: Made in Paris - Vintage ( Great condition!).Love on a first sight!
State of mind: Haveing fun with my man feeling like a princess, alone on the old stone bridge surrounded by beautiful scenery and
lush green nature! Wet and tired extend to a local seafood lunch :-) 

Conclusion: Required to repeat soon !!!!
With love :

Friday, 24 May 2013

Borsalino- Italian luxury hats

From 1857 to today, the Borsalino hat is a symbol of costume and is famour for quality and style. The Borsalino hats try to keep all the charm and class from last century’s fashion, while still blending in with today’s styles and fashions
The rich and famous as well as celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, Denzel Washington and John Malkovich are immortalized wearing the unique style of the living legend of the most prestigious brand of hats in the world.Made of fine fur felt (rabbit or hare) it passes through around fifty production phases and it takes an average of seven weeks’ work to finish every hat. This long-established process has been passed down from generation to generation and its secret lies in the rigorous sequence of stages alternated with machines and hand-working stages which determine the quality and control of the finished product. With the exception of the "preparation" of the fur which long ago used to take place in the internal "cutting" department, today the hats undergo two processing phases: the "white work" (that is, the preparation of the blanks) for creating the felt shape and the "black work" for finishing and dressing the hat. These stages gives the hat the superior quality which distinguishes a Borsalino from other hats.The company currently produces a wide variety of products such as hats, ties, clothing, watches, perfumes and even old fashioned bicycles, and the company tries to keep all the charm and class from last century's fashion.
Today, Borsalino owns sixteen single-brand sales points in Italy and one in Paris; moreover, the brand is also sold in the most elegant boutiques and in the most prestigious department stores across the world!

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Iconic woman of style-Iris Apfel

One of the most recognized faces in the world of fashion today, she continues to inspire us with her self confidence and imagination. She brings a fun element of fantasy into a world where it is sometimes lacking. Born in Queens in the 1920's, Iris is a celebrated interior designer who over the years has worked at the White House for nine presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Reagan and Clinton. Over the past few years her success has reached new heights with jewelry, makeup,handbag and shoe lines. M∙A∙C has  presented a colour collection featuring lipsticks, beauty powder and eye shadows with as much flair and joie de vivre as Iris Apfel herself. The brand created four limited edition (and one permanent) shades of MAC Lipstick in the Iris Apfel collection.I read about this amazing woman a lot and if I start to write I won´t be finish until tomorrow, so I will just share with you her secrets to living life with style and turbo-charged attitude! She is a perfect example of how you can still be very active and hip at old age. It’s hard to believe that Iris Apfel is already 91 years old!

˝Getting dressed for me is an everyday creative experience. I like architectural clothes with a strong shape, embellished fabrics, vibrant colors, and dramatic accessories –with  attitude. You have to just go for it –if you make a mistake, the fashion police are not going to come and take you away.    Be adventurous and try something you haven’t before. You can mix unexpected color, wear color head-to-toe or just stick to dark colors and then layer necklaces and stack bracelets for impact. Forget rules –there aren’t any.

“I think dressing up or down should be a creative experience. Exciting. Fun.  For me the key to personal style lies in accessories. I love objects from different worlds, different eras, combined my way. Never uptight, achieving – hopefully – a kind of throwaway chic.”
“(My look is) either very baroque or very Zen – everything in between makes me itch.”
I don’t follow trends or the hottest fashion. I buy what I like and my tastes are quite catholic – haute couture to street fashion. Pieces that are Zen-simple or madly baroque. I love ethnic as well as contemporary. I’m fond of serious and adore amusing. I try to make all these things work together.”

 “You learn as you grow up, if you’re intelligent – or even three-quarter witted – that there’s no free lunch. You pay for things in various ways. Living, loving, everything else is a matter of the same principles: you learn to work with what you have. And there’s nobody today who can’t do something to help herself.”

 “If you can’t be pretty, you have to learn to make yourself attractive. I found that all the pretty girls I went to high school with came to middle age as frumps, because they just got by with their pretty faces, so they never developed anything. They never learned how to be interesting. But if you are bereft of certain things, you have to make up for them in certain ways. Don’t you think?”

“I’m a hopeless romantic. I buy things because I fall in love with them. I never buy anything just because it’s valuable. My husband used to say I look at a piece of fabric and listen to the threads. It tells me a story. It sings me a song. I have to get a physical reaction when I buy something. A coup de foudre – a bolt of lightning. It’s fun to get knocked out that way!”

 photos by:advancedstyle.blogspot, tumblr,W magazine,

and please watch this amazing video!

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