Sunday, 11 August 2013

The girl in a white lace

The Girl in the White Lace

Dancing by the light of the fireflies,
She don't care because no one is looking.
No music, but what's in her heart.
No steps, but what she imagines.
Keeping her dreams alive.
The littlest things make her happy,
Maybe it's even the starlight.
She sings to herself, a song nobody knows.
It is hers to know, hers to keep.
It is hers to love, hers to cherish.
A melody created in her heart.
Her voice, by the wind, is swirled away.
The trees seem to bend and listen.
She don't care 'cause no one is listening.
Her footsteps are light and carefree.
Her feet travel quickly, as if she isn't even there.
Her dress swishes around her.
Its gentle arms surround and caress her body.
She feels like a stranger in a new world.
If someone could see her, they'd swear that she glows.
She is a visitor in our earthly realm.

photos by:Anita Tudor, poem:


Miss Twiggy said...

fenomenalno izgledaĆĄ!!!!

Mu Cephei said...

Thank you Miss Twiggy! Lito cini svoje!

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